What is the Amazing 12?

The Amazing 12 body transformation program has changed hundreds of lives and bodies over the past 8 years (See the Transformations here). By combining proven training methods with sustainable, flexible and varied nutritional programming, we can ensure rapid and amazing results in 12 weeks. 

How Does The Amazing 12 Work?

  • The program guides members through a structured workout & nutrition program
  • Keeps members accountable with a built in community communication system
  • Provides a personal A12 certified coach who is -- assisting you through the workouts (five days a week), teaching you proper lifting techniques for optimal results, providing nutritional guidance & instruction, and assisting you every step of the way.

Here’s What Comes With The Amazing 12 Program

  • 5 Semi private training sessions each week (60 in 12 weeks) thats more than most people will do in a year.
  • The Amazing 12 strength and conditioning protocol that has now transformed thousands of people just like YOU from all over the world.
  • The Amazing 12, four phase nutrition system that works every time.
  • A private Facebook group where you’ll have dedicated coaching on hand to motivate & support YOU even when you’re away from the gym, and most importantly where the other members can support each other.
  • A FREE Technique Week
  • Aftercare program to ensure you maintain your results
  • And So Much More… Contact Us Today To Speak With One Of Our Expert Body Transformation Coaches Now 

The Amazing 12 Week body transformation


Contact us today and receive an in person consultation with one of our certified Charleston A12 coaches.

Fat Loss


Every fat loss workout throughout the 12 weeks has been refined and optimized for over a decade. These strength training workouts have reshaped thousands of happy & healthy graduates. Lose the most fat possible, as healthy as possible during your 12 week journey!

Strength Training


Paul’s revolutionary strength training program elicits unheard of gains in strength & muscle by combining the best elements of every popular strength program approach used in the last century! Achieve strength levels you never thought possible!

Nutritional Plans


With the training program, The Amazing 12 Week Physique includes an optimal nutrition plan. Our fat loss diet has been tested & refined to create what many consider impossible, lean muscle gain WHILE losing copious amounts of body fat for a total body transformation.